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Dean Bank:
Not making headlines since 1889.

We've been serving your community for more than 130 years. And we're here to stay.

With recent headlines about national banks—closing down local branches, opening fake accounts—it’s no wonder the big banks have lost more than $260 billion1 in consumer deposits.

Why? Because more and more customers realize that when it comes to their money, local banks like Dean Bank are simply better. Better service. Diligent problem solving. Real honesty. Community-minded decisions. And convenience that focuses on you.

Dean Bank delivers stability, and works with you as an individual to achieve your goals, realize your personal and business dreams, and create a better financial future.

And we have four well-established branches that are ready to serve you.

Save a Friend

Whether you’re a new Dean Bank customer or you’ve been with us for a while, this is the time to save your friends: From impersonal service, hidden fees, and cookie-cutter problem “solving.” Tell your favorite people about the service you get with Dean Bank, and we’ll treat your friends like friends, and work to help them achieve their financial goals.

With Save a Friend, you’ll get 6,000 extra Dean Bank Rewards points powered by uChoose for each friend who switches to Dean Bank2. That's equivalent to $50 in gift cards from a huge variety of retailers!

1 As reported on in August 2023. Read the story here.
2 The account referrer and referree agree that the existence of accounts will be shared with both parties. Bonus Rewards Points will be awarded within 60 days of new account opening.