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Counterfeit Dean Bank Treasurer's Checks and Money Orders Alert

Dean Bank

On August 16, 2017, Dean Bank was notified of the appearance of a counterfeit Dean Bank Money Order. The bank obtained a photocopy of the Money Order, faxed by a merchant out of Mississippi.  Since that call, the Bank has been contacted by other merchants reporting a similar issue.  All who have called so far are from southern states. More recently, the bank has been notified of the appearance of a number of fraudulent Treasurer's Checks as well.  

 Counterfeit Money Order Components: 

1. They are not signed – all have an erroneous address typed on the signature line.
2. They are altered to Not Valid Over $1,000.00, as opposed to the correct amount printed on valid Dean Bank Money Orders
3. The amounts (so far) have been consistently made out for $998.00

The counterfeit Treasurer's Checks have a number of components that are clearly distinct from the bank's actual checks.  Please contact us during regular business hours should you have any questions about a check you may have received.  

Please be aware this is occurring so that you're better-prepared in the event you receive such an item; in the mail or otherwise.  If you do receive one, please contact the bank immediately.  Do not attempt to cash the item.  Thank you.