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Dean Bank Mobile Banking and Bill Pay Conversion to beign on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kevin Goffe

August 11, 2017

A few months ago I announced we’d be converting our Bill Payment solution, as well as our Mobile Banking and Mobile Check Deposit applications.  I’m confident that the issues discovered in late May, which delayed the conversion to our new electronic banking platform, have been resolved and we are ready to move ahead.  We will begin the electronic banking services conversion on Tuesday September 19th and finish on Thursday September 21st

At approximately 4 pm on Tuesday, September 19th, the link to our current Bill Pay provider will become inactive.  Your access to our Bill Payment Application will cease to operate until the conversion to our new provider is complete on September 21st.  All scheduled bill payments and / or recurring payments will be paid as expected.  It’s imperative to schedule as early as possible because once the cutoff time is reached on September 19th payments cannot be initiated or modified until the conversion to our new provider is complete on September 21st.  PLEASE BE ADVISED: Online Banking will remain operational throughout this process.

On September 21st, service will begin with our new providers.  Bill Pay will return to operation and Mobile Banking customers must download a new Mobile Banking app from either the Apple App or Google Play Store.  Our current Mobile Banking app will cease to work.  There will be multiple apps to choose from: Business customers will see a separate icon for our new Dean Bank Mobile Business app and consumers will see our familiar logo signifying our standard app.  If you’re both a consumer and a business customer you must download and use separate products.  There will also be a separate app to download if you use Mobile Banking on a tablet device such as an iPad.  Please be sure to properly identify the correct app for your needs to download.

Our new services will contain features you’ve become accustomed to while many features will change & others will be new. For Consumer customers, Pop Money will replace our “Pay a Person” feature.  Although all customers’ payees will convert to the new provider, payment history contained in the current Bill Pay application cannot convert.  Customers are able to download bill pay history from our Online Banking application any time prior to September 19th. After conversion, customers must search transaction history to obtain that information.  One of the biggest changes is that our business customers will now have a completely independent suite of electronic banking/bill pay services. We will be providing business customers with complete information about this soon.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience.  We’re happy to assist you, easing you through the process.  Please take the time to review your account and schedule all bill payments prior to the afternoon of September 19th.  We’re confident that your transition to our new electronic banking services will be successful.


Kevin Goffe
President & CEO
Dean Bank