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President's Message June 2016


Summer is here and with it comes vacation travel. Over the years we've had many customers ask for suggestions about safeguarding access to their accounts, whether out of state or out of the country. I'd like to share some of the helpful suggestions our staff has compiled. From all of us here at Dean Bank, we wish you safe travels this summer!

If you are you planning to take your Dean Bank card on vacation we would love to know so we can provide a better usage experience? To enhance your traveling experience, we want to share a few "Dean Bank Trip Tips"!

As always, protecting our customers' accounts is our priority. To avoid debit card interruptions while traveling or on vacation, before you go, we recommend that customers contact Dean Bank via your secure Dean Bank Online mailbox, or by phone by calling 508 528-0088 or in person at any of our four branch offices and provide us with your travel plans. We'd like to know your destinations, the dates of travel, as well as the best telephone or cell phone number to reach you while you're away. We will add debit card travel notes and exclusions for you however; if our Fraud Department continues to question an unusual or abnormal charge, your debit card may be temporarily blocked. When that occurs, please be aware that you will receive a text or phone call almost immediately. Customers can then validate or deny the charge by replying to the text message or validating the charge over the phone number we have on file. Our Fraud Department will then unblock (or block) your debit card according to the response. This service gives allows continued use of the card if the charge is legitimate even if you're travelling and did not notify us ahead of time. If the charges are not yours, your account will be safeguarded until a new card can be issued.

If you are traveling and need debit card assistance when the branch is closed, or if you feel that your card has been lost or stolen, you can also reach our debit card Fraud Department at 800-889-5280.

Let Dean Bank help make your summer travel plans just a bit easier and safer. It's "Problem Solved!" when it comes to your debit card while travelling.

Note: Dean Bank is part of the SUM network. If you are traveling overseas, your ATM transactions will automatically be converted and although the foreign bank may charge you a fee, Dean Bank does not charge any extra conversion fees.

Kevin R. Goffe
President & CEO
 Dean Bank