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Customer Stories

We encourage our customers to share feedback with us. Check out what our customers are saying about us. 

Skip P. Testimonial

Skip P.

"What I like the most about Dean Bank is the friendly environment that they offer you."

Tom H. Testimonial

Tom H.

"Dean Bank is the perfect fit for me. I always feel welcome here."

Noelle Day Spa & Salon Testimonial

Noelle Day Spa & Salon

"Dean Bank is my bank because they have all my banking needs in one place."

Blackstone Valley Machining Testimonial

Blackstone Valley Machining

"Dean Bank looked at what my business was doing, not just my credit score."

"We are so thankful for the help we received with our RV loan at the Bellingham Branch. Kayla and her staff are very kind, helpful and made the process super easy!"
-Kim & Jon B.

"Thank you for helping us, Meghan, especially while you were off. We got approved thanks to your hard work! Whenever someone asks me what bank to go to, I say go see Meghan at Dean Bank…she’s the best!"
-Donna F.

"As first-time homebuyers, we had lots of questions and concerns. Tina Rogers was always there to help us and guide us through every step. She was a pleasure to work with and made the process simple. We feel we made the best financial decisions possible as a result. Thank you, Dean Bank, and thank you Tina!"
-Connor H.

"I am a new customer to Dean Bank and wanted to share with you my experience with Austin Reed. I had zero experience with mortgages or construction loans prior to reaching out to Dean Bank. I had rented apartments my whole adult life. Austin walked me through each step of the process with such professionalism and genuine sincerity. He answered all of my questions regardless of how foolish they were (and some of them were). Austin represented Dean Bank in an exceptional manner and really made what I thought would be a scary process very easy and enjoyable! He was also pleasant and kind which is exactly how all Banks should be. My builder actually referred a client to Dean Bank because of my glowing experience with Austin and Dean Bank."
-Kellie M.

"We can't say enough good things about our experience buying our home with Dean Bank! Tina Rogers and the rest of the staff made this entire process so easy. This was our first time buying a house, so we were nervous at the start, but we quickly realized we were in good hands. Everyone at Dean Bank is so knowledgeable and responsive. Tina helped us navigate several roadblocks that popped up along the way. She went above and beyond for us countless times and really helped walk us through each step, right up to the day we closed on our home! We are extremely grateful for all the guidance, kindness, and support from Tina and Dean Bank."
-Alex and Sarah P.

"As first-time homebuyers, we had lots of questions, concerns and so much to learn about our current and future financial situation. Tina Rogers was always there to help us and teach us every step of the way, and was so patient and communicative! Tina was an absolute pleasure to work with and made the process as simple as possible. After some unfortunate experiences trying to work with bigger banks, it was a huge relief to get matched up with Tina through Dean Bank. We are now enjoying our new home and feel confident that we made the best financial decisions possible with Tina's support and guidance. Thank you to Tina and Dean Bank!"
-Danielle H.

"I have been banking with Dean for almost 10 years now coming to you from the bigger banks in town and I have never been sorry I switched. The level of personal service at Dean is far surpassed by any that I have experienced. When I recently set up my new checking account, the woman I worked with spent time going through everything with me and chatting personally along the way. She hand carried my deposit to the teller and personally checked my debit card at the ATM for me before I left because I was having some trouble with it. She even called me a few days later to make sure everything was OK."
-Anne C.

"I was in a panic last week because I forgot the answer to my security question and could not access my account online. The manager patiently walked me through the process and helped me get back on line quickly. She spoke to me like a friend would and I got all my questions answered. I can not even imagine getting through to a real person at some of the bigger banks and this makes such a huge difference. In today's economic climate it's important to understand where your money is and with Dean Bank, you feel safe and secure that it's local and in good hands. I like the idea that you have not lost that home town feeling of service. Keep up the great work... your slogan is perfect... it's MY Bank!!!"
-Anne C.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate how easy it's been working with everyone else at the bank. I've always felt I was in good hands. I feel that you genuinely care about me and my situation. I am never disappointed when I have to call Dean Bank for ANYTHING, no matter how big or small the question/issue might be. I've always been impressed with the level of sincerity of anyone I speak with. What I'm trying to say is that no matter who I've spoken with at the bank, I've always felt like they are truly FRIENDS. Years ago I allowed a friend to sign me up for a mortgage that began as a fixed rate for the first few years then became a variable rate. I decided to take matters into my own hands and it was then that I learned so much about what to look for in a mortgage. I feel SAFE with my life at Dean Bank. For years I trained employees at my company in customer care and service. While these huge bank conglomerations continue to buy up other banks and lose customers in the process, I feel lucky to be part of the Dean family. I have the utmost confidence and respect in Dean Bank to handle all my financials and I wanted you to know that I am a customer for life. Customers don't always remember what they do and what they're told, but they ALWAYS remember the way they feel when they leave. Don't ever compromise! Again, I can't thank you and the Dean Bank family enough for making me feel totally safe and secure!"
-Renee P.

"Our family uses the Mendon Dean Bank branch many times each week. We wanted to let you know that you and the entire staff in the Mendon Branch always provide the highest level of personal customer service, whether it is for every day banking, or to open a new account for our young daughter or to open a new business account or car loan. Each of the staff makes us feel like they know who we are and always shows care and concern for each transaction made at the bank. We want to thank you and the entire staff for the commendable job done every day at Dean Bank. We recommend Dean Bank to all our friends. Thank you for a job well done."
-Donald D.

"Thanks to the Blackstone staff for the assistance they gave me in re-establishing my link to my on-line accounts. Their friendliness and courtesy were an extension of the excellent service I have come to expect and always receive at the Blackstone Branch. Keep up the good work, a very satisfied customer."
-James B.

"I'm a frequent flier of Dean Bank and always will be. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am to be a Dean Bank customer. I always get a warm response from a teller who is not too busy to help me. They never give me any grief. Just five minutes ago I made a deposit at your drive up and was greeted by a friendly smiling teller who wished me a nice weekend. Your facility is always clean and well maintained. Those are just some of the reasons why I love being a Dean Bank customer. Thank you!"

"I just wanted to tell all of you at Dean Bank that you are doing an exceptional job at keeping our accounts secure. I am impressed with the speed with which you identify compromised accounts and implement corrective actions. I definitely feel that my money and financial reputation are safe and secure with Dean Bank. Awesome job! Keep up the outstanding work."
-Eric C.

"I just recently opened an account with Dean Bank for the company I work for. The staff was very helpful with our questions and concerns regarding the account, and guided us through the commercial application process. We never had a problem getting in touch with our contact person and they answered all our questions promptly. They are located conveniently in Franklin near the post office with a drive up for deposits and ATM use. I would highly recommend Dean Bank if you are looking for more personal banking and not just a chain bank that has no idea who you are."
-Jennifer A.

"Laurie in Mortgage is a peach and very kind to me. Thank you very much. Dean Bank is indeed helping me achieve my dreams. I really should have the loan and mortgage dept over for coffee. You all should at least see what you're helping me with!"
-Lynn D.

"I came into the Mendon Branch a few weeks ago for a car loan. My son recommended that I come to Dean Bank because you are so nice. While a staff member was going over the terms of the loan with me she asked if I would be interested in switching my accounts to Dean Bank. She proceeded to tell me she would take care of changing my Social Security Direct Deposit and my pension which would make it very easy for me. After I closed on my car loan, She called me to see how my new car was. I went back, opened two new accounts and was assisted in changing both of my direct deposits with the help of a three way conference call. And afterwards, the manager even assisted me with some issues I was having with some of the features on my new car. Dean Bank treats me like a Millionaire!"
-Gladys F.

"Thank you so much for all of your help with our new loan. Sandy was so knowledgeable and accommodating!"
-Mary L.

"It is so nice to come in this bank and see the same, familiar faces behind the teller line. It's not like some banks where the faces change every time I go in."
-Linda S.

"The Blackstone staff is always so professional and helpful. It shows that they care about people and like their jobs. I would never switch to another bank - you treat me so well!"
-Kathleen S.

"I have my mortgage with Dean now and have done car loans too. The process is always the same - streamlined, upfront, direct, and with total transparency. I have never been surprised by any hidden fees or things that were not explained to me throughout the process. In fact, when I refinanced, I started the process on line and was contacted promptly by a member of the mortgage department within a few days to finish the process over the phone. She made me feel that handling my mortgage was her only priority and was always willing and open to any question I posed. I rave about Dean Bank so much that recently I sent my sister your website to refinance her mortgage too."
-Anne C.

"I have known Valerie for several years. I call her my "Financial Advisor". It is because of her and the other girls at Dean Bank in Mendon that I have chosen to put all my accounts, including new mortgage, in their hands. Very warm atmosphere."
-Brian D.

"I have been a customer of Dean Bank for years and I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how helpful the staff in Bellingham has been. I have called with issues that were mundane and questions about things I just couldn't understand and even internet problems that were solved quickly and efficiently. I can't even describe the level of patience and comfort they have given me. They're amazing and the service is above and beyond. I find that these days too many people like to call or write to complain and the people who work so hard are often ignored. I appreciate all that Dean Bank staff have done to help me with my lack of banking skills. This is one of the reasons we stay loyal customers of Dean Bank!"
-Lisa M.