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Additional Services

Your business can benefit from the convenience offered by these extra services:

MasterCard/Visa Merchant Transaction Processing

Your business deserves customized processing solutions. We offer access to the latest processing technology, expert customer service and local representation.

Alternative Hold Account

Dean Bank offers next day availability* for deposits, but you may wish to assign one of your savings accounts to your checking account as an Alternative Hold Account. Anytime you make a check deposit, the hold will be placed on the Alternative Hold Account providing immediate availability in your checking account (provided there is a sufficient balance in the Alternative Hold Account to cover the deposited check). You may even assign multiple Alternative Hold Accounts to one checking account.

Remote Deposit Capture

Reduce the number of trips you make to the bank and expedite your deposits by scanning and electronically depositing checks from your place of business.

Services for Attorneys

We provide attorneys with special services they need to meet fiduciary obligations: IOLTA accounts, conveyancing accounts and escrow accounts.

Night Depository

All of our branch offices offer the convenience of a night deposit, allowing deposits or loan payments to be dropped off outside of our usual banking hours, or if you’re simply too busy to stop in the lobby.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Lock irreplaceable business documents and important valuables away in a secure place. Availability, size, and price vary by branch. (Contents not insured by the bank.)

Notary Public Services

We employ multiple notary publics in each of our branch offices to assist you with administering oaths and affirmations, taking affidavits, witnessing and authenticating the execution of certain classes of documents, and more. This service is free of charge, but please call ahead to ensure availability.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

Let us help protect you by guaranteeing your signature, making it harder for someone to forge it. This service is only available by appointment to Dean Bank customers and is free of charge.

Check Certification

Dean Bank will acknowledge and accept in writing that your signature on your check is genuine and that there are sufficient funds in your account to honor your check when it is presented for payment.

Deposit/Credit Account Verification

If you are applying for credit at a supplier or trade vender, the company will usually perform a credit check on you and/or your business. With your authorization, Dean Bank will disclose information regarding your accounts and credit history to assist the company in their credit check free of charge.

Change of Address

If the address of your business has changed, notify Dean Bank to ensure our records are up-to-date.

Reorder Checks

Conveniently reorder checks online in minutes through Deluxe® if you're an existing customer and have placed a previous check order.

*See Funds Availability Policy in your Disclosure Statement for details.