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Consumer Loans

Get pre-approved before you shop. To get your loan amount pre-approved, you can use our online loan application, give us a call at 508.528.0088, or stop by any branch today.

Borrow the money you need to keep moving forward.

Vehicle Loans

Whether you have plans to buy a new or used car, we can provide the loan you need at a rate and term that will fit your budget.

Wondering what your used vehicle is worth? Finding out is easy! If it rolls, floats or flies, you'll be able to find out the used value and other information by visiting the NADA Guides website.

Personal Loans

When life gets expensive a personal loan can provide the supplemental funds you need. Cover emergency costs, fund a big purchase or even consolidate multiple debts into one easy monthly payment.

Smart Start Credit Builder Loans

No credit? Safely and securely build your credit with this loan. Open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) of up to $1,000. The bank makes a loan secured against the CD. Make on-time payments to your secured loan and the bank reports your success to the Credit Bureaus. At the end of the term you get to keep/use the deposited money AND the higher credit score created by your on-time payments.

Passbook Loan

Take advantage of a lower rate personal loan by using your Dean Bank passbook savings account as collateral. The amount you borrow will be secured and your deposit will continue to earn interest.