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Find the loan that will support your home buying goals.

Fixed Rate

A fixed rate mortgage could be right for you if you intend on staying in your home for the foreseeable future.  A significant benefit of locking in a rate for the life of the loan is that you can plan your budget around consistent monthly payments.

Adjustable Rate

If you plan to sell your home during the earlier years of ownership or would like to take advantage of a lower mortgage payment for an initial period of time, an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) may give you the flexibility you need.  ARMs typically have a lower initial fixed rate, followed by adjustment intervals as market interest rates fluctuate.

Learn more about why an ARM may be the right choice for you.

Home Improvement Mortgages

Help your house reach its full potential.  We offer three convenient options for financing home improvement projects.  With each option, your loan amount is based on the value of your home after improvements are made.  This means you will have one mortgage with one rate, and only have to close once.

Want to buy a fixer-upper? Turn a handyman’s special into a showcase home.

Need more space for a growing family? Maximize the home you have by creating more space.

Want a nicer home without leaving the neighborhood? Renovate and revive your current home by bringing it up-to-date.